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Monster is an employment website that is used to help those seeking work to find job openings, for lower to mid-level employment, that match their skills and location.

What is Monster?

Monster is an employment search site. It allows employers to advertise their open positions and allows job seekers to search through those posts to find and apply for new jobs.

Founded in 1999, it has firmly established itself as one of the best-known sites for job seekers and employers alike. With nearly 25 years of experience, Monster says it aims to help make workplaces happier and more productive by changing the way employers and candidates alike find their perfect fit.

Working in conjunction with its website, Monster’s mobile app helps employers connect with and hire local prospective candidates.

Search bar

The key feature of Monster is its search engine to find jobs. You do this from the homepage, where you can put in your desired job and location. Its primary search is via keywords. The results are based on your geography, so it will list jobs closest to that location first.?

The search will separate remote jobs from location-specific jobs, but it doesn’t have a filtering system to search by other factors like salary, company name, or job post dates, as ZipRecruiter does.

Email alerts

Monster allows you to set up alerts for new opportunities that you are interested in. This allows you to respond quickly, which helps compete for great jobs. The job alerts are matched to your skills and desired compensation.

Salary comparison tool

This tool allows you to look at the numbers and salaries of others in your chosen field so you can be sure you are requesting a salary within the standard range for your experience. It also prevents you from underselling your experience, skills, and knowledge. This is helpful when setting up your profile and the desired salary, as that will match you with jobs fitting your criteria.


Monster is free for job seekers to use unless you want a premium service like a resume or cover letter writing services. It’s the recruiters and companies that pay for Monster services in finding candidates. There are several packages to choose from in different pricing tiers.?

Here’s a look at the costs.

Job seekers

  • Entry Level: An entry-level option is $129 for a professional resume written in five business days.?
  • Secondary Option: The secondary option is $189 and includes a cover letter for the resume writing service.
  • Premium Service: A premium service is $349 and includes a newly written resume, a cover letter, and a makeover of your LinkedIn profile with faster delivery of all three elements.


  • Starter Package: The Starter Package is $279 and allows you to post one active job and review up to 50 resumes.
  • The Standard Package: The Standard Package is $399 and allows you to post three active jobs and access up to 150 resumes.?
  • A Premium Package: A Premium Package is $649 and lets employers post up to five active jobs and review up to 250 resumes.

Looking to hire employees that match your company's mission?

Hire employees, fast.

Post jobs and search resumes to discover employees on Monster.com.