Property Fraud is an Easy Target for Scammers

Your home's title and mortgage information are stored and available online. Thieves use this information to transfer you off your home's title. Once they have the paperwork forged, it's just a quick trip to the county recorder's office to file the "updated" paperwork. Also, with the convenience of being online, many offices allow paperwork to be digitally need to leave their keyboard!

Once filed, the majority of County Recorder’s offices assume that the paperwork is genuine and the previous property owner is informed. Unfortunately, there is no consistent system to authenticate the filed paperwork.

Now thieves take out massive loans using your home's equity - leaving you with the payments and a mountain of legal bills.

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Damages From Mortgage Fraud Multiply As Time Passes

Though property fraud can ultimately be rectified in court, sometimes it's already too late. If the true owner of a property passes away before the fraud is discovered, or if it's discovered during a pending property sale, the resulting delay can be enough to derail the transaction.

  • Inability to Get Refinanced Until Title is Cleared
  • Delays in the Sale of Property
  • Legal Costs to Clear Up Title