Save big on tickets with no service fees

Ticket Club is a secondary ticket exchange program to help members save money on tickets without having to pay service fees. The company boasts that their prices are often between 10 - 20% lower than their competitors. You'll find tickets for sports, concerts, and theater here.

Standard shopping process

To find tickets through Ticket Club, you can either search for them at the top of the website or provide your zip code to see what local events are happening near you. First, you'll need to specify how many tickets you want and then you can view a map of available sections to see how pricing compares between different areas of the venue. Once you choose a price point that you're okay with, you'll see an estimated subtotal, delivery method, and any notes you need to be aware of before heading to the event. A date of delivery will also be provided so you know when you can anticipate the arrival of your tickets.

No individual seats listed

Something a lot of people complain about is the fact that you can't see individual seat numbers when you're buying tickets through Ticket Club. The company says this is because numerous people are shopping on their website at the same time and they want to avoid people trying to purchase the same seats at the same time as someone else. All you can see are section and row numbers (which is the norm with almost all ticket brokers). Luckily, as a general rule of thumb, Ticket Club guarantees that multiple ticket orders will be side-by-side.

Year-long memberships

The only way to avoid service fees when checking out through Ticket Club is to become a member. The cost is $49.99 for the first year and then $9.99 every year after. Ticket Club says that the membership fee usually pays for itself with the first purchase. If you attend a lot of events throughout the year you could be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars by scoring low ticket prices and avoiding the extra fees. Military, students, and first responders get free memberships to Ticket Club.

Delivery fees on all orders

Even though you're avoiding service fees, all tickets come with a delivery fee. Regardless of whether tickets are sent electronically or picked up, the fee exists to "help fund the maintenance of the system that ticket sellers use to provide email tickets to customers."

Sign up for email alerts

If you're willing to give over your email address to Ticket Club to be on their flash sale list, you could save up to 20% on tickets.

All sales are final

The refund policy on tickets from Ticket Club is similar to what you'll see through other companies in the industry. All sales are final and the only time refunds are given is if an event is canceled or the seller fails to provide the buyer with tickets in time to attend. Postponed or rescheduled events don't qualify for refunds if the original tickets are still valid for entry.

Average option

Ticket Club is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and also has a poor "F" rating from them. The reason for the low rating is their failure to respond to 6 customer complaints. On the flip side, Ticket Club has average reviews from customers. They aren't all bad like you might expect based on their BBB profile. Some people say they have no issues working through Ticket Club and are thoroughly pleased with their service. It's not uncommon to read of "seamless" orders, though there are a few people who have had issues with ticket delivery and felt scammed by the whole process. The majority of people seem pleased with Ticket Club, which makes us believe this is not the best or the worst place to buy event tickets. We've given them an average rating.