How to Treat Insomnia – Naturally

Hardly any of us has not had problems with insomnia at one point or another. For most insomnia is an occasional disruption in normal patterns. For others, it is a terrible burden that negatively affects all their waking hours. But whether insomnia is occasional or constant all would like to know how to treat insomnia.

Insomnia treatments range from common OTC medications to being treated by sleep professionals. Most would prefer insomnia remedies that rely on natural cures than medications. If this is you, here are a few ideas how to treat insomnia naturally.

Natural Treatment for Insomnia

  • Restrict fluids before bedtime Maintaining proper hydration is very important to general health but drinking fluid before going to bed is not a good idea. Having a full bladder interrupt your sleep to use the bathroom can easily aggravate insomnia. Be cautious about drinking any fluids an hour before bedtime.
  • Turn off the Worry Machine There are many hours during the day to deal with whatever worries you. Reserve as many as necessary to complete unpleasant tasks (paying the bills, etc.) well before going to bed. Work to accomplish all your daily tasks during the day and reserve the evening hours for pleasing activities such as hobbies. You will go to sleep easier.
  • Do you have nagging aches and pains from arthritis or the Gym? If you do these small but nagging discomforts can easily disrupt you sleep. Relieve the pain with a hot bath or ibuprofen, or both prior to going to bed. In the case of tired aching muscles stretching exercises like yoga may also help.
  • Be sure your bed is comfortable You are going to spend several hours a night in your bed so it must be comfortable and not cause any discomforts. If you are waking during the night with back pain chances are your mattress is too soft to provide support. Try turning your mattress over or rotating it 180 degrees for more support. If this doesn’t work you may have to purchase a new mattress.
  • Reserve the bedroom for sleep or sex Don’t turn your bedroom into a satellite office. Keep computers and other screens in other parts of the house. Your bedroom must be the oasis you retreat into, not simply another activity room.

These ideas on how to treat insomnia will work better for some than others. After having tried these, and other, ideas you still can’t sleep it is time to get help. Insomnia is not something you can just “power through”. It can be a serious medical situation and must be treated as such.

Treating Insomnia

treating insomnia
People with chronic sleep problems generally will resort to anything to get a few winks. When desperation sets in, there’s help.There are a large number of ideas for treating insomnia and while not all of them will be effective for everyone, there’s likely something out there to assist just about anyone.

Choices for treating insomnia vary greatly. Major types for treating insomnia include all-natural, clinical, spiritual and also nutritional. Let’s take a look at the different options within each insomnia remedy class.

Methods For Treating Insomnia


The kinds of remedies for treating insomnia that fall under this class include acupuncture, aromatherapy, music therapy and also herbal remedies. These remedy ideas tend to come with little or no side-effect prospects and the majority have proven very helpful for some people battling the troubles of insomnia. Aroma therapy with English lavender, for example, has been known to work on people of all ages. It is regarded as safe enough that numerous infant products include this fragrance to calm them at night. Natural remedies should be tried with care, especially the herbal ones. Music, aroma therapy as well as other similar options are generally fine for anyone to try without fear of side affects.


When natural remedies aren’t effective, you will find clinical alternatives for treating insomnia available, as well. These include medications, therapies to deal with the root causes, pain management and more. A number of the medical remedies do come with possible side effects. Medications to assist with sleep, for instance, are not regarded as safe or beneficial for long-term use. Still, the clinical route can be a very good approach to take. In seeking a effective method for treating insomnia, it is possible the real cause for the problem will be found. This will likely result in a cure as opposed to just short term remedy.


Insomnia is often induced by stress and anxiety. Learning to relax, meditate and acquire spiritual focus can help. Methods for treating insomnia in this realm consist of relaxation methods, mediation and perhaps praying. Whatever can calm the heart and soul can often assist when stress is the cause. If stress and/or anxiety is not the cause, then the spiritual insomnia solutions most likely will not be effective.


Foods, beverages and even eating times are all recognized to cause insomnia. If this is a possible issue, altering diet can often help. Treating insomnia here includes eliminating soft drinks and caffeine, changing eating times and even transitioning to a healthy, balanced diet for overall better health. This could, in fact, be an effective strategy for treating insomnia while also assisting with overall physical well being.

Discovering the right insomnia remedy is often a game of experimentation. Your options are many, so it’s possible for just about anyone to find the right way of treating insomnia to manage their case. From clinical and natural to spiritual and dietary, the choices for treating insomnia are as varied as those who need them.