How to Overcome Stress

how to overcome stress
Why is it so important to know how to overcome stress? Mainly because repeated anxiety and stress, if left untreated, can result in …

… a poor immune system
… heart problems
… acid reflux, heartburn
… hypertension
… migraines, headaches and backaches
… chronic tiredness
… diabetes

The secret about how to overcome stress is to keep your cortisol levels under control. Cortisol, more well known as the “stress hormone”, can ruin many of your bodily processes. Firm deadlines, ridiculous schedules, a fast-paced society and not enough time daily to accomplish what you need – all of these challenges can lead to regular occurrences of stress.

How to Overcome Stress by Keeping Your Cortisol Normal

Cortisol amounts rise in your body 1 of 2 methods. When your mind triggers a “fight or flight” reaction to something that is going on in your life, cortisol is produced. Whenever your cortisol levels are high, the cardiovascular and respiratory health actually starts to drop quickly. As you can tell in the checklist above, multiple bodily processes can be affected in a negative manner.

Cortisol can also be naturally found in higher levels in some foods. So whether stress comes from an exterior source, or you get excessive cortisol from the foods you eat, you can come to be anxious and stressed-out. Cut back on the foods which are known to deliver elevated levels of cortisol, and you cut back on your stressed-out periods.

Here’s how to maintain your cortisol quantities where they need to be. Drop chewing tobacco and cigarette smoking. Limit your caffeine intake. This means fewer coffees, sodas and also energy drinks, especially those that are loaded with sugar.

Cut back on the number of starchy carbs in your daily diet. Meaning eating a lot fewer foods like potatoes, french-fried potatoes, breads, potato chips and pizzas. Exercise regularly, get enough rest and keep hydrated. Keep in mind that during exercise, cortisol will increase naturally, so when you are done working out, savor some “recovery based” physical activities such as yoga or Pilates, or simply take a peaceful walk.

You may also practice mindfulness meditation and visualization to control your levels of stress. Tell yourself any time you see a stressful scenario developing, you will respond to it with a calm attitude. Visualize yourself relaxed and quiet, recognizing the stressful occasion, but not giving into it.

For the best results in learning how to overcome stress is to blend several of the effective stress-relief tips mentioned to get a cool, low-anxiety reaction to life’s strains and stresses.

Use These Tips To Eliminate Your Stress

Stress can occur at any point in time from any source. All people experience it; therefore, everyone must look for ways on how to live with it. If you can target specific situations, you may be able eliminate several source of stress. Read on for some good advice to help you to get your stress under control.

Make sure your jaw is relaxed and do not grit your teeth. Stress has a tendency to make us tighten certain muscles, and the muscles around the jaw are most commonly affected. At stressful times, put your index finger on your jaw, breathe in as you clench, then release your breath and jaw at the same time. Hopefully, this will offer a measure of relief.

Create an affirmation. This is a rote statement you can say to activate your defense mechanisms against stress. Leveraging off of positive statements can improve your mood and help appease your anxiety. Repeat to yourself that you are in control, that you are calm, or any other positive statement that will help you feel better.

Professional Massage

A professional massage will help you relax. Stress can cause muscles to get tense and stay that way. Getting a professional massage will calm you down, and make you feel less stressed.

Pets are a great way to relieve stress. Research has concluded that petting animals for a little bit can relieve stress.

Pay attention to your daily activities for unexpected sources of stress. Playing video games may seem like a great way to relax and have fun, but spending hours a day on these games means that you won’t have enough time to do everything else that you need to do. An engrossing video game could tempt you to skip a healthy meal, or cut back on much-needed sleep time.

Even if you have had a very stressful day, you should never turn to alcohol as a release. Having a beer with with friends is fine, but if a beer is needed every night just to feel better, that’s not good. It can actually create more stresses, and in some extreme cases, addiction.

Having a good talk with a close friend might be all you need to reduce stress. When you can purge the feelings of anxiety you have, you can find great relief. Locate a close relative or friend who you can chat with over a cup of coffee or on the phone.

Take a deep breath before you react to any stressful situation. Step back, count to ten, and breathe deeply before you act on the situation. You can calm yourself by taking control and being proactive about the situation as opposed to becoming defensive and stressed.

To lessen the amount of stress in your life try deep breathing exercises. During times of high stress, breathing can become fast and shallow, and sometimes people even start to hyperventilate. Learning to control your breathing during such times can help to reduce stress. This is guaranteed to work, so make sure that the minute you find yourself worked up and stressed out, that this reliever is put into action.

Consider self-hypnosis if you can’t avoid being bothered by the same things. Self-hypnosis has been helpful for many people as a way to relax and work through stressful issues, like troublesome coworkers or persistent noise.

If you want to avoid stressful situations in the near or even far future, pay strict attention whenever someone is giving you any kind of instruction. A good way to manage your stress is to pay extra attention to any instructions given. For example, listen when a boss is telling you what to do, focus on your doctor if he is offering advice, or give your teacher your full attention.

You can relax for a few minutes by simply closing your eyes while hearing soft tunes. Soothing sensations like music are very good ways to relieve anxiety and stress. Calming music like classical or jazz have an almost immediate effect on how you are feeling. You may even find yourself getting lost in the music, drifting to a pleasant mental island. This technique can be a great way to de-stress during an especially tense day.

Getting stress to the point where it doesn’t affect you that much, takes a lot of preparation and a lot of soul-searching. It’s possible, if you keep in mind that you control your thoughts and that stress is only a visitor. Don’t let stress stay and you’ll be a happier person very soon.

Stress Overload? Working To Be Stress Free

Are your problems with stress overload actually inducing more stress? Is the stress causing you difficulties in getting things accomplished? Are you feeling like your health has been adversely affected because of too much stress? If you find yourself answering in the affirmative to these questions, then this article may help you to get your stress under control.


Do your best to control the stress level in your life. There are many health problems associated with stress overload, including high blood pressure, heart conditions, depression, insomnia, and strokes. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep will help relieve some of the added stress in your life, and will reduce the risk of stress related illnesses.

Planning Prevents Stress

Make good plans and preparations for the coming day so that you will have less to do when morning comes. All the little things that you need to get done each day can contribute to stress overload. Doing small things, like taking out the trash or preparing lunch in advance, can make things more manageable.


When you feel overwhelmed with too much stress, take time to close your eyes and visualize something calm. Imagine that you’re in a hot bath or shower and that waves of relaxation rinse your stresses down the drain. You can also try to transport yourself to a happy memory or relaxing place.

Good Smells

Fragrances can melt the stress away. Certain scents, such as chamomile and lavender, have been associated with eliciting a relaxed response from people who smell those scents. All you have to do is put some rock salt and few oil drops into a vial. When you start feeling you have too much stress, take a deep breath and inhale the scent of the vial’s contents.

Pets are Great Stress Overload Relievers

Pets are a very good way to relieve stress. Even  spending a few minutes a day with your best animal friend can lower your stress level significantly.

Keep A Diary

Writing about your stress can be an effective release. In life there are often situations which cause stress overload, but which are not easy to talk about with others. In these situations, writing can provide a confidential outlet for your worries. Use this journal for recording your day to day battles and as a future reference to remind yourself how you handled stressful situations later.

While it is difficult to imagine an entirely stress-free existence, this kind of life is by no means a myth. Pinpointing the factors that lead to stress overload in your life can be the most important way to avoid them and reduce their effects.

Free Your Inner Artist

Artistic activities are helpful against stress. Art is a great way to do something creative and distract yourself from parts of your routine that are causing stress overload. It doesn’t have to be museum quality, it is the process of creation that works to reduce your stress.

Lifestyle Counts

An overall healthy lifestyle may be the best way to relieve a stress overload. This includes checking your diet for nutritional content, getting regular aerobic exercise and eight hours of sleep. All of these will reduce your stress level. Moreover, if you take proper care of your body, you’ll feel better both physically and mentally, which will help you remain calm when an otherwise stressful situation arises.


If you are experiencing too much stress, try listening to music. Play your favorite song, relax, and put your focus on the music. By focusing on something other than your stress, your mind can rest and relax a little.

Smile Even When It Hurts

Smiling is a great tension reliever. We usually smile when we feel happy and relaxed and smiling can result in a happy and relaxed feeling. Try smiling the next time you find yourself in stress overload and notice how much better it makes you feel. When you have mastered the art of smiling in times of stress, you will be well on your way to eliminating the negative effects from your life.

Cut the Coffee

Limit the amount of caffeine that you drink. Caffeine increases stress hormones and will cause you to feel even more stressed overload. Instead of coffee, consider drinking green tea, which has a calming effect.

Learn to Let Go

Send the stress away. A lot of people tend to hold on to the things causing them stress. They resist change even though letting go of past events would easily reduce their stress overload. Once you recognize that you are preventing yourself from feeling better you will be able to change certain things. You might have to work hard to get rid of some bad habits. Adopt a determined attitude, and you will be rewarded.

Now the only thing left is to put some, or all, of these ideas into practice! Use whichever of these ideas that work for you anytime you feel like you need a break from stress and soon, you’ll be feeling better.

Stress Overload?

Help Relieve Stress And Live Stress Free

You should know how to be better prepared to deal with your stress and keep it from taking over your life. Be informed to fight your mental stress. You can follow the tips in this article if you want to learn how to manage your stress better for an improved mental state.

Prepare tonight, in any way possible, for tomorrow’s tasks and you will feel pleasantly surprised at how much less stress you will feel upon waking in the morning. Every little thing in a day adds up to a lot of stress, so taking out tomorrows clothes or making tomorrows lunch this evening will put you ahead of the game and really add up to stress savings!

Practicing good health care will help you to not stress out as much. Try to prevent health concerns from arising in the first place, as this can actually help to reduce your anxiety. Get regular physicals and screenings so you can stay healthy, happy, and stress-free.

Stop grinding your teeth by consciously easing your jaw. The jaw is a very common place to carry stress, usually in the form of a clenched jaw. When you notice yourself becoming overly stressed, use your index finger to press against your jaw. Next, clench your jaw, inhale deeply and exhale deeply to release your jaw. You should feel more relieved now.

Being active and exercising is usually a great way to relax and beat stress. You may not feel relaxed after every workout, but the ongoing process of getting in shape and moving your body provides something to anticipate and appreciate each day. This not only helps relieve stress, it also gives a person a self confidence boost, as well as a handle on their life.

Figure out what causes the most stress for you and try to eliminate that factor or cut down on it significantly. Try to reduce the friends in your life who elevate your stress level or cause you to become angry for no reason. You can significantly improve your well being, as well as your health, by reducing or eliminating the identified sources of stress.

When you are rushing through your day, sometimes you may realize that you are moving too fast, or notice that your thoughts are racing. Remember that it is essential to your well being that you take a break once in awhile. So learn to slow down and just breathe. As you go through your day, don’t rush as much as usual. This keeps your anxiety levels down.

Learning how to forgive people can really reduce your stress level. Worrying about the mistakes of others can lead to irritability and anxiety.

Something that can help get the stress out of your life is to plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to do necessary things.

Limbic System

One simple, yet very effective, way to beat stress is to smile more often. Muscles used during the process of smiling activate the limbic system, which handles your emotions. Smiling tilts your limbic system, allowing you to be more calm and less stressed.

Pay attention the first time when being taught something new so that you don’t increase your stress levels later. This is one source of stress you can eliminate from life by simply paying close attention in the first place. This could be when a boss is showing you what to do, your doctor is telling you instructions for medications, or when a teacher/tutor is helping you.

Your body cannot properly function without sleep. If you are tired, you will not have the ability to properly manage your stress. If you want to stay alert throughout your day and keep your body running at full potential, you should get all your sleep.

Try to control your stress levels by listening to some soothing music. Sounds can influence our feelings and pleasant music can have a relaxing effect on your body. Music can soothe you on many different levels. As you listen to it with your eyes shut, your mind will wander to a more pleasant state. This is a highly effective way to deal with stress each day.

Make some plans! If you make plans to do something you can focus on this and not the stress you are feeling. Some great ideas include obtaining tickets to a concert or purchasing movie tickets in advance.

Chamomile Tea

Drinking chamomile tea can help soothe the stress from a crazy day. Chamomile tea can relax your tense body, help you get rid of headaches, and ensure you get a good night’s rest. The therapeutic nature of chamomile, and the feeling from the warm tea as it goes down your throat are soothing and allow you to gradually unwind.

A useful trick for handling stressful situations is to ponder pleasant things whenever anxiety starts to build. These positive thoughts will relax your body and fill it with chemicals like seratonin and dopamine that will make you feel happy and relieve your stress.

When you apply the knowledge from this article, you will be able to better balance the stress in life. Always make sure you are well-informed, and use the knowledge you gain to combat stress’s effects on your life.

Help Relieve Stress And Live Stress Free

There is no rhyme or reason to stress. It can come at any time from any direction. No one is immune from stress, and everyone has to find a way to deal with it that works for them. Sometimes, methods that were previously successful for you are no longer effective, and you must try new methods. Below are some good ways to control your stress.

Set aside a little time today to plan and prepare for what you intend to do tomorrow. You’ll be surprised by how much stress this can relieve! By getting your clothes ready or preparing your lunch the night before, you’ll save time and feel less anxious about your day.

You need to make certain your jaw is relaxed, and stop grinding your teeth. When we are stressed out, the tension will focus somewhere in our bodies; most commonly in the jaw. When you are feeling overwhelmed, touch your jaw with your index finger, clench, breathe in, release the breath and release your jaw. You should begin to feel some relaxation from this.

Repairing things as soon as they break down can help you to avoid stressful situations in the future. Keeping up with repairs to your life will make things easier, and lessen your stress.

Animals can help relieve stress. Studies have shown that the act of stroking an animal’s fur for a short period can help ease stress.

Gardening can be an effective release for coping with stressful thoughts. Anyone who has their own home can use part of their front or back yard for a garden.

Stressful Situations

Analyze how you currently deal with stress in order to determine if you could be handling it better. Track your response to different stressful situations for several weeks. Examine your documentation when determining if your reactions to stressful situations were positive or not. If the way you handled stress only made things worse, you can seek new ways to manage stress in your life.

If you are in a work environment where you are able to choose your own music it can actually help you a great deal. Slow music should help you relax very efficiently. If you decide to play something a little quicker, make sure it is upbeat and happy in terms of lyrics.

Enjoying a cup of hot tea is one more way to reduce stress. Some teas, such as kava kava, chamomile, and passionflower, are quite effective at relieving stress. Allow the tea to steep for up to 10 minutes; this allows you to get the maximum potency. Try drinking a cup every morning or prior to bed to reduce your stress.

Spearmint oil has been found to relieve stress in some instances. Anytime you feel stress settling in, put a bit on your neck and temples. Little steps like this can really make a difference, so give it a try!

Going out to a dinner with someone you are in love with is a great thing to do when you’re in a relationship. This will put you in a situation you enjoy, which will relax you and alleviate your stress.

To minimize the amount of stress you feel, think in advance about what could go wrong in any given situation. Make sure you have a spare key stored somewhere safe, keep a simple meal on-hand at work, and have a backup babysitting plan, just in case. Employing a good strategy against unforeseen events can really save your sanity, and avoid a lot of stress later.

To better control a stressful situation, breathe before you act. Take a step back and count from one to ten, while taking some deep breaths, and then rejoin the situation. Following those steps will help you to remain professional and even-tempered instead of angry, defensive or hostile.

Music can cut down on any stress you might be experiencing. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, play your favorite song, relax, and put your focus on the sounds you hear. It will allow your mind to take a break from the things that you had been focusing on that were causing you stress.

Do not forget to have a snack break. Unprocessed carbs will naturally increase the amount of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, that your brain releases. A slice of whole wheat bread, a granola bar, or even an oatmeal cookie may make it easier to keep stress at bay.

Smiling can instantly reduce stress. Keep in mind how hard it would be to be sad if you are smiling. Smiling sends nerve impulses directly from your face to your body’s limbic system. You will feel more calm and it will take away stress right away.

Working out helps to reduce stress. It can be as simple as going for a jog, or even a power-walk. Exercise is known for getting the endorphins flowing in your body. A great thing about the endorphins that are released is that they naturally cause your body to relax and become calmer. Getting and staying active can also work to remove toxins which can potentially cause stress issues.

A fitness class is the perfect way to get rid of your stress. Exercise can give you strength, calm you, and keep your mind clearer and more energized.

Getting stress to the point where it doesn’t affect you that much, takes a lot of preparation and a lot of soul-searching. It’s possible, if you keep in mind that you control your thoughts and that stress is only a visitor. Don’t let stress stay and you’ll be a happier person very soon.

Stressful Days? Learn How To Live Stress-Free

If you have too much excess stress in your everyday life, you may be able to reduce it significantly by using some practical stress-relief techniques. You do not need to allow the stressors in your life to control your feelings of happiness and relaxation. Using these suggestions can help you lessen your stress.

Get together with a bunch of friends and go and have some fun exercise outside in the fresh air. Try to reduce toxins inside your body and you can sweat them out by doing this. Running and jogging are great stress reduction tools.

Relaxation and exercise are key to gaining control over your stress. It may not relieve your long-term stress, but it can make your life better. This not only helps relieve stress, it also gives a person a self confidence boost, as well as a handle on their life.

Tell people whom you’re close to that your stress has nothing to do with them. Most times, loved ones feel like they have wronged you and caused the stress. Your stress is your problem, so you shouldn’t make those around you feel as if it is their fault, because they are the ones that love you the most.

See how you handle stress to see how you can do it better. It might help to keep track of what stressful situations occur over the course of a few weeks, and what your responses to them are. Examine your responses and gauge how effective those responses really were. Were they constructive ways to handle things? If they are not, try and create new ways to cope with your stress.

When you are in a hurry, everything seems to speed up. You move and think quickly, perhaps too quickly. Always remember to slow down a little and take calming breaths; this will help to reduce stress by allowing you to get everything in perspective. As the day progresses, try and keep calm and avoid rushing, as this can help keep your anxiety down.

Music can be an effective part of a stress reduction program. Research has shown that many types of music have therapeutic effects, including reducing stress. Select music that best soothes you so you can relieve your stress; remember that what relaxes someone else might not be right for you. Music therapy can help you regulate your breathing and even elevate serotonin levels.

If your develop good time management skills, it will go a long way towards reducing your stress levels. Try to take care of your duties ahead of time to eliminate the stress from procrastination. If you can learn to manage your time well, this situation will be a thing of the past. Getting things done promptly and systematically will stop everything from piling up, which causes stress.

Hot Bath

Take a nice hot bath to reduce your stress levels. The hot water will help your muscles relax, and the scent of soap will take your worries away. If you don’t have time for a bath, just washing your hands and face in hot water can soothe you by imaging you’re in a hot bath.

If you experience stress while traveling, grab a citrus fruit or juice made from a citrus fruit. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, which can ward off coughs and colds, and help you to avoid the stress caused by sickness.

Spend a little time each day doing something that you love. Having something to look forward to will make the stressful parts of the day easier. Commit time every day to doing something you truly enjoy.

Allow some time for stress. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by minor worries.

You may want to eat a snack. Some carbohydrates contain serotonin, which has been successfully linked to positive emotions by scientists. Be careful about how often you snack, but you should know that a whole wheat bagel could boost serotonin and help ease your stress quickly.

Using aromatherapy is an excellent way to reduce stress. The sense of smell is very powerful. When you use soothing scents like lavender and chamomile, your olfactory senses transmit those scents to your brain and relax the brain waves. Try scented candles to envelop yourself with these scents.

Being organized will give your life more structure and reduce your stress levels. Perhaps your stress comes from procrastinating or simply forgetting about what you need to do. If you find a way to organize your life better, you will feel more in control, which will reduce your stress level.

A great way to relieve stress is viewing something soothing. The visual appeal of natural scenes can be relaxing to your mind. If these pictures are not available to you, simply shut your eyes and imagine these places. Just imagining yourself in a tranquil place will help your mind to let go of its stress.

When you feel stressed, have one of your favorite desserts. Just remember to avoid the temptation to overeat, if you choose to manage stress this way. For best effect, savor every single bite that you take, and focus on how good the dessert tastes in your mouth. Rewarding yourself this way can relieve some of the stress when used as a strategy from time to time.

As you can see, your stress can be dealt with in many ways. This article has provided you with the tools you need to deal with stress more effectively. Use the advice from this article to assist you in feeling better, so you can begin to live a life without all of the stress.