Substance and Drug Abuse Can Cause Psychoses

psychosis, psychoses, drug abuse facts, help for drug abuse, substance and drug abuseThere are recent studies which indicate that a person’s psychosis may be triggered because of their excessive substance and drug abuse. It is a fact that there are psychoactive drugs available in a pharmacy or on the streets which alters the mental state of a person. Some drugs not merely alters a person’s mood and perception but it would sometimes induce hallucinations or cause panic and anxiety. If a person abuses these types of drugs then it is possible for them to have a psychotic break down in which they may be unable to differentiate reality from hallucinations. It is only one of the side effects of such narcotics which causes a person’s psychosis to grow a whole lot worse.

Some inpatient treatment centers have noticed that most of their patients who are being treated for substance and drug abuse are also suffering from relatively minor cases of psychosis. This is why various treatment programs are prepared to treat people who have this dual diagnosis condition. It is a condition where a subject has developed a mental condition or psychosis and they’re addicted to narcotics or drugs at the same time. Treatment for this condition has just been recently utilized for patients with dual diagnosis.

Before, a patient with dual diagnosis was initially treated by curing their substance and drug abuse first and then their psychological condition next, or the other way around. But, earlier efforts have now been proven to be ineffective. However, when they tried curing the subjects psychosis and drug addiction simultaneously they found out that it was very effective because a person’s psychosis was often caused by their substance and drug abuse. So, when both conditions were treated simultaneously the rates of successful treatment were a lot higher.  If was also observed that the patients did not experience nearly as much discomfort during their withdrawal period because the medication for their psychosis balanced out their medication for their withdrawal or detoxification.

Another fact that proves why substance and drug abuse causes psychosis is what happens when an addict abuses substances with hallucinogenic properties. When an addict abuses drugs that cause hallucinations they risk not being able to distinguish between reality and hallucinations, even when they are not under the influence. Hallucinatory drugs have such a powerful effect on brain functions the risk is that an abuse will suffer permanent brain damage in a relatively short period of time.  Frequently, this damage exhibits itself in the form of one or more psychoses.

All substance and drug abuse is, by definition, very risky behavior. This risk only multiplies as the addiction goes on. At some point or another it is inevitable that an abuser will die from an accidental overdose, or from health issues brought on by their addiction.


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