Stress Relaxation Techniques

stress relaxation techniques
It is impossible to completely avoid stress but there are several stress relaxation techniques that you can learn about how to relax to be able to deal with the stress you do experience. A stress response or the flight or fight response is great in emergency situations but if you are constantly in a stressful situation then you will merely wear your body down. Relaxing brings your whole body back to stability.

There are many stress relaxation techniques that can be used to alleviate stress. A number of these include tai chi, yoga, visualization, meditation, gradual muscle relaxation, and deep breathing. Stress professionals suggest you reserve at minimum 10 minutes a day to unwind. If you feel you need even more then practice relaxation for Half an hour to an hour.

You need to try to plan your relaxation period in your daily schedule and make sure that you aren’t sleepy once you practice. You need to be fully aware in order to perform the techniques or you may fall asleep. When choosing a relaxation method you need to use one that is the best for you. There isn’t one particular technique that is better then others it all comes down to your individual preference.

Two Stress Relaxation Techniques That Work

Deep breathing is an easy but powerful relaxation method. You want to breath from the abdomen so that you are completely filling your lungs. Make sure you are comfortable and sitting up straight. Inhale through your nose and observe your stomach moving, not the shoulders. Exhale all of the air out of your mouth by contracting all of your abdominal muscles. Continue taking deep breaths. If you have troubles achieving this sitting up then laying on your back is a lot easier.

Meditation is wonderful for relaxing and you will start by performing a body scan, so you focus your attention on various parts of your body. You do not want to tense or relax the muscles, only concentrate on a particular part of the body and discover just how it feels. You can even meditate when walking. In meditative walking you focus on every step plus the sensation of walking as well as your breathing also, the air surrounding you.

These are just two effective stress relaxation techniques and there are many more.