Signs of Substance Abuse – Diazepam Addiction

diazepam dependency,diazepam abuse,diazepam addiction, signs of substance abuseDiazepam (Trade name Valium)  is a sedative that is prescribed by doctors to patients who are experiencing muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal symptoms and anxiety. While the medication has been helpful because of its sedative effect, using it frequently can lead to addiction. Signs of substance abuse  involves mental and physiological cravings for the drug. Those who are struggling with Diazepam addiction should seek the help of medical experts because withdrawing from the medication can be harmful.

Those who abuse Valium often display signs of substance abuse that include slow breathing, drowsiness, trouble talking and walking, lack of interest in participating in regular activities and drug-seeking behavior. According to addiction treatment specialists, when Diazepam users suddenly quit using the drug, they are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms which include convulsions, appetite loss and sweating.

Diazepam works by depressing a person’s nervous system enabling him to feel relaxed. Individuals who are dependent on the substance may present abnormal signs of substance abuse given that they usually use too much Diazepam at once. For instance, Diazepam addiction can be identified when the individual experiences depression, confusion and consistent drowsiness. Slurred speech and lack of coordination are also likely to be seen together along with with low blood pressure and slow breathing.

People who are dependent on Diazepam may also display behavioral signs of substance abuse that indicates the craving to take larger dosages of the drug. Suspicious behavior is often observed as the addict schemes how to get their hands on the drug to remain high. These behaviors include constant visits to different doctors in order to get prescriptions. Addicts who no longer have prescriptions are likely to forge prescriptions or  attempt to acquire the drug from street dealers.  Many addiction recovery specialists note that another symptom of  Diazepam addiction is declining interest in doing their usual hobbies, a lack  of sleep and focusing only on getting a hold of their drug of choice.  If not treated many addicts will end up dropping out of their lives completely by not going to work and ignoring both their financial responsibilities and their loved ones.

Withdrawal symptoms are experienced by Diazepam abusers who suddenly stop taking the drug. These symptoms include blurry vision, sweating and rapid heartbeat. Loss of appetite, sensitivity to lights and diarrhea are also some of the physical withdrawal symptoms of Diazepam abuse.

If you are observing signs of substance abuse in a loved one, don’t hesitate to get help from your families medical adviser, or another trusted source. By no means should you attempt to treat the addict yourself.  Those who are affected by Diazepam addiction may feel anxious and not able to focus when they suddenly stop taking it. Because of the dangerous effects of Diazepam and its withdrawal symptoms, it is crucial for patients to be medically examined when they stop using the drug.

Signs of Substance Abuse