How to Overcome Stress

how to overcome stress
Why is it so important to know how to overcome stress? Mainly because repeated anxiety and stress, if left untreated, can result in …

… a poor immune system
… heart problems
… acid reflux, heartburn
… hypertension
… migraines, headaches and backaches
… chronic tiredness
… diabetes

The secret about how to overcome stress is to keep your cortisol levels under control. Cortisol, more well known as the “stress hormone”, can ruin many of your bodily processes. Firm deadlines, ridiculous schedules, a fast-paced society and not enough time daily to accomplish what you need – all of these challenges can lead to regular occurrences of stress.

How to Overcome Stress by Keeping Your Cortisol Normal

Cortisol amounts rise in your body 1 of 2 methods. When your mind triggers a “fight or flight” reaction to something that is going on in your life, cortisol is produced. Whenever your cortisol levels are high, the cardiovascular and respiratory health actually starts to drop quickly. As you can tell in the checklist above, multiple bodily processes can be affected in a negative manner.

Cortisol can also be naturally found in higher levels in some foods. So whether stress comes from an exterior source, or you get excessive cortisol from the foods you eat, you can come to be anxious and stressed-out. Cut back on the foods which are known to deliver elevated levels of cortisol, and you cut back on your stressed-out periods.

Here’s how to maintain your cortisol quantities where they need to be. Drop chewing tobacco and cigarette smoking. Limit your caffeine intake. This means fewer coffees, sodas and also energy drinks, especially those that are loaded with sugar.

Cut back on the number of starchy carbs in your daily diet. Meaning eating a lot fewer foods like potatoes, french-fried potatoes, breads, potato chips and pizzas. Exercise regularly, get enough rest and keep hydrated. Keep in mind that during exercise, cortisol will increase naturally, so when you are done working out, savor some “recovery based” physical activities such as yoga or Pilates, or simply take a peaceful walk.

You may also practice mindfulness meditation and visualization to control your levels of stress. Tell yourself any time you see a stressful scenario developing, you will respond to it with a calm attitude. Visualize yourself relaxed and quiet, recognizing the stressful occasion, but not giving into it.

For the best results in learning how to overcome stress is to blend several of the effective stress-relief tips mentioned to get a cool, low-anxiety reaction to life’s strains and stresses.